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Vision & Mission

To replace all synthetic chemical additives used in food, medicine and cosmetics with better alternatives from nature.

To provide Egyptian essential oils and herbs with premium quality for our partners around the world.


Our keenness on Sustainability strongly expresses itself in our vision. Replacing synthetic raw materials in foods, fragrances, and cosmetics with natural ones is safer and kinder to the environment . Synthetic chemicals may have been derived from crude oil for example and had polluted the environment in the process.

We, therefore, believe that sustainability and preserving the environment in all steps of our supply chain is crucial to our success. We keep sustainability’s 3 P’s in mind while doing our business: planet, people, profit.

And through continuous R&D and innovation, we seek to make our methods more and more sustainable and kinder to our precious planet.

Strategic Alliances

Azmy sons Plant
Established in 1972 by the two brothers Ali and Hassan Saeed Gabr as sole supplier to the major exporter of aromatic oils at that time until the end of the eighties, namely Kato Aromatic (Ibrahim Kamel)

In order to increase the production and improve the quality to the highest international standards, the standard steam units have been replaced with sophisticated units according to the latest steam extraction systems from Italy equipped with water vapor purification systems to obtain oil free from any water saturation and highest quality