//Egyptian Dried Parsley

Egyptian Dried Parsley


PRODUCT NAME PARSLEY Machine Dried (Petroselinum Crispum)


Machine dried under covered area
This product is free from any live insects, dead insects, insect debris
Pesticide residue according to EU regulation for dried plants
Passed on magnets, metal detectors and packed
The material is not treated with CO2
Color Green
Taste Typical of dried parsley
Flavor Typical of dried parsley
Ingredients Parsley

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Vegetable matter of other plants, soil, etc. are considered as foreign materials to the plant (Herbs).
Primary processing should ensure the absence of hazardous materials such as glass, metal, stones, hard plastic, wood splinters and other hard materials, rodent excreta. This process should also remove all other foreign matters.

Foreign Matter

(except metal and glass)

  • >5mm; maximum 1 pieces in 2kg
  • <5mm; maximum 2 pieces in 1kg Physical Inspection
  • Defects
  • Notes: % Defects by Weight Total defects: 3.0% maximum Physical Inspection


  • Property Description Limit Test method
  • Ash Content 20% maximum ISO-928
  • Moisture 6% maximum AOAC-934
  • Sieve Analysis -4mm / +0.5mm Mechanical sieve shaker
  • Density 130g/l – 170g/l


  • Property Description Max. Test method
  • Salmonella Absent / 25 g ISO 6579:2002
  • Product is NOT irradiated; but can be irradiated as per customer’s request




  • Food contact packing materials are food grade and comply with all relevant food packing and migration legislation
  • Customer’s choice of corrugated board box, or multi – wallpaper bag, or
  • Polypropylene bag with Polyethylene inner bag knotted by hand. Packaging free from metal staples, mentalities, string and fibre


  • Each bag is labelled with a label have the suppliers’ name, product code, net & gross
  • weight and date of production, shelf life is clearly stated additional customer specific
  • information as required
  • Palletization Available upon request and at customer’s expense, using new pallets in good & sound
  • condition without odours and exposed nails
  • Stretch wrap Available upon request

Storage and Transport


  • In clean, dry, dark, not stored or transported with non-food materials
  • In the tightly closed original container
  • Do not store over 25°C (77°F)
  • Do not store over 65% Relative Humidity
  • Shelf Life 24 months under storage conditions


  • Material is loaded on site in clean and dry sea freight containers, which are inspected
  • and cleaned at our factory prior to loading
  • Unless requested otherwise by the customer, all containers are treated at loading
  • with Aluminium Phosphate or equivalent
  • Documents Certificate of Analysis for chemical, bacteriology will be sent upon customers’ requestFor more than 10KG

    Ask for Quotation & Enjoy our Discount


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